Return to Work

The University employs a Return-to-Work Co-Ordinator responsible for co-ordinating the injury management and rehabilitation for injured UNSW staff members. Duties are carried out in accordance with the Workplace Injury Management Act 1998 and Workers Compensation Act 1987, associated regulations and guidelines.

The two primary objectives are:

  • The development and monitoring of Injury Management Plans for injured employees who have suffered a significant injury.
  • Secondly individual return to work plans in line with medical advice, with the aim of restoring workers to the highest physical, vocational, social, economic and psychological function possible consistent with their pre-injury status.

The role of the Return-to-Work Co-Ordinator is to liaise with the following parties, as required, in assessing the injury management and rehabilitation needs of the injured worker, co-ordinating services/arrangements necessary to meet those needs, and in nominating suitable duties:

  • injured worker
  • treating doctor
  • manager(s) or supervisor(s)
  • accredited rehabilitation provider (where involved)
  • treating health professionals/therapists
  • claims officers
  • union representative (where requested by worker)

To abide by NSW WorkCover Authority's Confidentiality of Rehabilitation Information: Guidelines for RTW Programs with regard to access to rehabilitation records and consent to release information.

To develop and review the UNSW Workplace Injury Management Program and the UNSW Workplace Return to Work Program in consultation with UNSW Management, WHS committees and unions, at intervals prescribed by WorkCover NSW.

Under the NSW Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act, 1998, an Injury Plan must be developed if you have sustained a ‘Significant Injury’. These Injury Management Plans are focused on providing you with appropriate medical treatment and early return to work opportunity.

A ‘Significant Injury’ is defined as a “workplace injury that is likely to result in the worker being incapacitated for a continuous period of more than 7 days, whether or not any of those days are work days and whether or not the incapacity is total or partial or a combination of both”.

You will need to select a doctor as your nominated Treating Doctor whose role will be to co-ordinate your medical treatment, medical certification and return to work.

In accordance with S270, Of the Workplace Injury Management Act 1998 and Section 44B Of the Workers Compensation Act 1987, The Workers Declaration must be submitted with the WorkCover NSW Certificate of Capacity otherwise payments may be discontinued. 

Under workers compensation legislation you are unable to change your Nominated Treating Doctor except under exceptional circumstances. E.g. extended leave of doctor. If you believe that you have a valid reason for changing your Nominated Treating Doctor, please contact us immediately.