At UNSW Workers Compensation Section we aim to provide the best possible service to our injured employees, following the governing legislation. Disputes are not an everyday occurrence within the University. Sometimes though, conflicts do occur and when this happens, our objective is to resolve any disagreement as amicably and as quickly as possible. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to provide you with the opportunity for an unbiased review of the issue.

Regardless of whether the dispute involves our staff, Health Providers, Investigators or Independent Medical Examiners, in the event that you wish to make a complaint simply contact us and ask to speak to the Manager of the team. Within the organisation we have established a dispute resolution process through which the Manager will review with an independent decision making authority to review the matter for you.

The Manager will write to you within 15 working days advising the outcome of the review and reasons for their decision.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this process and your dispute concerns a claim, you will have an option to contact WorkCover, or take the matter further with the necessary authorities.

For General Workers Compensation complaints:

Alecia Ford
Claims Manager

UNSW Workers Compensation
The Chancellery
Lower Ground, Room 29

Phone: 02 9385 2722
Fax: 02 9663 4203